Coop Mix Crumbles

Coop Mix Crumbles

50 lb Bag

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Properly feeding your chickens gives them the nutrition they need in order to lay quality eggs. Your feed should also focus on optimizing your chicken’s health. Our Elk Grove Milling Coop Mix is specially formulated with premiere ingredients to support your chickens and help them reach their natural potential.

Laying hens have special nutritional needs. In order to produce quality eggs, hens need extra calcium. Though hens have calcium reserves, they can become easily depleted and result in weak eggshells. If the calcium reserves become too depleted, the hen could stop producing eggs entirely.

It is important to feed high quality layer feeds that will cater to your hen’s nutritional and laying needs. The average hen needs 5 oz. of feed and 10 oz. of water to produce 1 egg.

Coop Mix Layer Pellet is produced in a medication free facility.

Formulated with "Alltech"

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